The Programs



Ready, Set, Go! (RSG!) Summits provide entrepreneurs a forum to network and share best practices. Learn the secrets of success from our panel of distinguished guests who drive entrepreneurial success and economic growth in our local community. Summits are held quarterly with featured speakers and agendas.


Young Entrepreneurship Program

This program focuses on the young entrepreneurs in today’s landscape. These aspiring thinkers between the ages of 13-21 will learn to adopt a plan, and how to build and accelerate it. The objective is to cultivate young people who are seeking to or own their own business. We provide education, mentorship, and guidance as we put them through rigorous training. The results will formulating a winning business plan, perfecting the best elevator 30 second speech, and assessing/acquiring capital.  #RSGYEP


Entrepreneurship Call

The Entrepreneurship Call takes place every second and fourth Wednesday, monthly. Between 6:30pm PST/9:30 EST, entrepreneurs can glean information for a winning day, and adopt a can-do attitude.
JOIN THE CALL!! Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday. 6:30p (Arizona time) Only 30 min.
(605) 562-0020 / Code 270-595-726  #RSGCall


Mastermind Classes

These intense workshops are designed to push past the soft skills of doing business to the meat and bones of the selected subject. With a max class size of 15 thinkers like you, you will walk away with an armful of knowledge. The classes have been called highly engaging and informative. Speakers mentoring over the class have over 10 years of business success experience, and will provide information to see your own.


Koffee Klatch

Koffee Klatch is for Entrepreneurs who are looking to be mentored to further the best current practices for business.